We can offer the following services, but if you don’t find what you’re looking for don’t give up!…Just CONTACT us and tell what you need, we’ll sure be able to fit your needs!

  • Audio Mastering: EQ, compression/limiting, leveling etc…all to let your tracks sounding exactly as you expect
  • Stem Mastering
  • PMCD/DDP composing and check
  • MFIT (Mastering For I Tunes): we can provide the hi-res files specifically mastered for download platform (we are on the Apple’s “approved providers list”)
  • MFST (Mastering For STreaming): we can optimize your master for online streaming services (YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music etc…) taking into account the loudness specifications
  • Editing: radio-edit, alternate versions etc…
  • Mix ¬†consultancy: we’ll happy to give you our opinion about mix stage from a “mastering point of view” for free…we never want to replace your mixing engineer, but think that a good communication and cooperation give always a better result!
  • Audio Restoration: old recording cleaning, remastering etc…
  • Audio forensic services

Mastered For ITunes
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