…and, of course, a studio!

Everything needs to be mastered…and any master needs to be professionally done!

This is our philosophy: any project and any production is different in terms of music, sound, market requests etc…so any mastering has to be compliant with the previous stages and fit the exact expectations of artists, producers, labels and any other involved. We take care of any detail: TONE BALANCE, LOUDNESS, FLOW BETWEEN SONGS, INDUSTRY STANDARDS etc… The studio

Sometimes mixes have to be fixed…sometimes they need to be unchanged…someone wants EXTREMELY LOUD…someone else ask for MORE DYNAMICS…and lot of times we get BOTH LEVEL and PUNCH

PSI Audio monitors

We start any project from scratch, without using an preset or “standard” procedure…and we’ll happy to cooperate with the mixing engineer before mastering, this brings always the best result: YOUR MUSIC IS UNIQUE, YOUR MASTERING HAS TO BE TOO!