• Single stereo mastering: € 60/song (+€ 30 for urgent requests)
  • Single stem mastering: € 80/song (+ 40 for urgent requests)
  • Alternative versions for a single release (like TV track, instrumentals etc…if provided with the full mix, if sent after they will be treated as a new master): € 25/song
  • Alternative version of EP/Album (provided/requested together
    with the full mix version, otherwise it will be treated as a new mastering): € 80/album each different release
  • Vinyl version (if done together with the digital version, if requested separately will be applied the entire album mastering standard rate for each song): € 120/album
  • Sequencing, spacing, DDP creation for EP/Album: € 80/album

Discount rates available for professionals (like labels, recording studios, sound engineers) who would establish a regular partnership, ask booking@karibumastering.com for details.